Real Estate Wholesalers & Investors

Close An Extra 3-5 Deals Per Month In The Next 120 Days... Or We Work For Free

After spending millions of dollars in our own Real Estate business, we created the #1 system for consistently Generating AND Closing inbound leads from paid traffic.

TTP Deal Accelerator

A Quick Overview Of The Process

Automated Lead Machine

Our team will flood your pipeline with 100% exclusive motivated seller leads that are begging to receive a cash offer on their home. We build and manage everything: ad accounts, website, branding, CRM integration, etc... You don't lift a finger.

Optimize for Closings

The biggest risk when generating inbound leads? "Conversion." AKA how many leads are turning into closed deals. Our job doesn't stop after the lead is generated. We install a proven framework in your business so you are converting 1 in 10 leads into closed deals... MINIMUM.

Maximize ROI

Leverage our proprietary "TTP Dispo" method, creative finance buyer pool, & nationwide joint venture community to close more deals and increase your average deal size by 20%. Every step of our process is designed to maximize your profit.

Scaling with Systems

Scaling to 10+ deals per month requires a new level of systems and operations. In this stage we help you transition into being a real CEO. It's time for you to work ON the business, not in it.

Why Does This Work So Well?

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We’re investors ourselves. Our founder, Brent Daniels, spends over $500k/year on paid traffic campaigns (at a 6X ROI) for his own wholesaling business.

Which means we not only understand how to generate the leads, but we understand the nuances of what it takes to actually close more deals.

Our process is optimized around the investors goals, not vanity metrics that make an agency look “good.”

The results speak for themselves.


$100k/Month in 120 Days

October 2022

Fired Old Agency

After tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad-spend and negative ROI it was time for a change.

October 2022

March 2023

TTP Deal Accelerator

Launched first campaign in the most competitive PPC market in the country.

$10,000/month budget.

March 2023

September 2023

First 6-Months

3-5 extra deals per month

Average deal size: $27,000

September 2023

March 2024

First Year

8-12 deals per month.

$200-300K per month in revenue.

March 2024

Start Closing 3-5 Extra Deals Per Month