TTP Cold Calling Mastery with Brent Daniels

The #1 Telephone Marketing Program for Real Estate Wholesalers

What You’ll Get


Call or text Brent at his personal cell phone number (the SAME one his family and friends use) for one-on-one accountability, encouragement, feedback and guidance, or even a business referral!

Group Coaching

Join Brent every two weeks for LIVE group coaching so you can sharpen your skills, stay on top of any new opportunities or threats (and how to take advantage of or deal with them), and get your questions answered!

Community Support

Join the TTP Cold Calling Mastery Facebook Group (‘THE most exclusive wholesaling community on the Internet’) and connect with other students and alumni from around the country, all supporting each other’s success!

Online Training

Access 11 lessons and 41 videos where Brent shows you EXACTLY how to implement Talk To People… starting from scratch, to you being up-and-running and generating leads and business in less than two weeks!

What You’ll Learn

  • Distressed vs. equity lists — which lists to call based on if you’re a new or experienced wholesaler
  • Stacking the deck! How to use “BIG data” to pull motivated seller lists with higher conversion rates
  • How to find the hottest zip codes for wholesaling in any market
  • List hack! How to get absentee owner lists (aka. ‘tired landlord’ lists) for FREE
  • How to get the most accurate phone numbers for cheap — which skip tracing vendors to use… how to format everything so you get more and better data
  • When to work with a freelance skip tracer and how to not get taken advantage of
  • The Mojo Dialer! How to set it up so it’s easy to use… where to get a local phone number to use as your caller ID… when to use a single vs. triple line dialer… which lists to hand-dial vs. power-dial
  • Confidence booster! How to overcome call reluctance so you can Talk To People with comfort and ease
  • 8 cold calling mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to open the call and handle the ONLY 6 responses from sellers so you stay in control of the conversation
  • Quality conversations! How to establish instant trust, stay in alignment, and connect with sellers
  • Good vs. Bad leads! Brent dissected every deal he’s ever done and they all have these 3 things in common…
  • The “4 Pillars” of pre-qualifying — how to qualify and disqualify sellers quickly and easily
  • How to PULL out the seller’s timeline, motivation, and price
  • A simple, 5-step calculation you can use to estimate repair costs and determine your offer price in seconds
  • How to get deals from people who say “NO!”
  • 8 call recordings of Brent’s phone prospectors (including four of Luke Rotvold — the best cold caller in the business!)
  • The “Golden Pipeline” — how to do your lead follow up so it gets done and you don’t lose deals… how to get sellers to call YOU back when they’re ready to sell
  • Building your cash buyer list — where to find and connect with cash buyers… how to 2X (or more) the size of your list, almost immediately
  • Tracking your numbers — the difference between amateurs and pros! Which numbers matter… how to diagnose problems, prescribe solutions, and scale your business into a predictable wholesaling machine
  • Hiring phone prospectors — who to hire based on their DISC personality (two of the four types are ideal for the job)... how many hours they should work and how much to pay them for maximum productivity and retention… hiring overseas (pros and cons of Asian vs. U.S. expats living abroad)
  • 7 people to hire, and in order of importance!
  • Lessons from the “Go-Giver” — the most important business and personal development book Brent’s ever read!
  • How to stay strong mentally, overcome adversity, reach your goals, and live the life of your dreams


Lenny From New Jersey

Adding the TTP course to his business helped explode his revenue!

TJ from North Carolina

On his way to building a successful biz!

Gabe & Jaimie from Kansas

Joining TTP streamlined their business 100%!

Clay from Utah

TTP has changed our life and business

Chris from Arizona

Faithful, Available & Teachable!

Cameron from Florida

Instruction, community, so much info to learn the business!

Daniel, Richard and Will from Texas

From 1 deal a month to 5-10 CONSISTENTLY!

Corey from New Jersey

First check for $13K! TTP!

Jessie from Rhode Island

Implementing both WI & TTP took Jessie’s business from part time to full time.

Terone in California

5 Closings in 60 days since adding TTP to their business.

Alfredo from Colorado

$72k in only TWO months!!

Tag from Tennessee

Tag has went from 60 leads per month to 600! TTP!!

David from Tennessee

David has done 20 Deals in 5 months, averaging 15k per deal!

Josh from Maryland

Josh’s leads have skyrocketed, closing 15 deals since adding in the TTP course!

Jason from Colorado

Following Brent’s instruction has lead Jason straight to success!

Elizoebeth from Colorado

Business has been BOOMING since joining the TTP Course!

Jasper from North Carolina

2 deals closed from Talking To People for ONE month!

Davin from San Diego

Immediate results from Talking To People!

Eli from Georgia

Eli has grown his business by Talking to People!

Bill from Oregon

Biggest deal closed for $30k! TTP Baby!

Stephen from North Carolina

4 months since joining TTP, GAME CHANGER!!

Cedric from Kansas

TTP has helped Cedric find his freedom!

Adrian from Florida

$10k from his first deal!

Michael from Texas

TTP has helped Michael become consistent with his business.

Craig from Kentucky

In only two months Craig has built his cold calling business!

Wayne from Florida

Jumping into the TTP course has added value to Wayne’s business.

Cristina from California

Joining the course has given Cristina the blueprint she needed to get consistent with her business.

Adonijah from New York

Adding TTP is taking Adonijah’s business to the next level!

Abram from Louisiana

Abram started Talking To People and closed his first deal for 32K in only 3 months!

Drew from Utah

Drew has gained traction since adding the TTP course to his business!

Colin from Texas

Colin went through the course with Brent’s guidance and closed his first deal for $25k!

Phillip from Texas

In less then two months Phillip was cashing his first check for $35k just from Talking to People!

Kyle from California

Kyle’s business went from averaging 20k a month to 100k a month! Simply from TTP!!!

Chris from Texas

Getting started with the TTP Family has been a Game Changer for Chris’ business!

Giovanni from Texas

Joining the Tribe helped Giovanni scale his business from 1 deal a month to 15 deals a month! BAM!!

Dan G. from Washington

Dan has been using the TTP system as his number one source to get leads.

Benjamin B. from Texas

Closing out the month at $48k and leaving his corporate job last week is just the beginning for Ben!

Brittany from Alabama

Brittany joined the TTP course to help expand her business and grow her deal size, in only 1 month she has had some Major results!

Justin from Texas

Eight deals in only 3 months averaging $14k per deal!

Sam from California

Sam is on the phone everyday Talking To People, he closes his first deal only two months after following Brent’s instruction and taking Massive Action!

Stephanie from Arizona

Stephanie has been getting Massive results!

Matt from Indiana

Matt had TWO deals within two weeks of getting started with TTP, bringing in over 50k!!

Chris and Cyndi from Arizona

Right out the gate Chris and Cyndi closed three deals

Brent from Colorado

Brent’s business has grown using the TTP course, and he is excited to see what the future brings!

Dane from Utah

Generated over $70,000 on ONE DEAL!

Solomon Oh from Seattle

Solomons Goal for 2018 is to Break $200k Barrier!

Jason from Salt Lake City

Getting Deals at a Fraction of the Cost

Seth T from Denver

Doing $80k in one month!
*Any examples depicting income or earnings are NOT to be interpreted as common, typical, expected, or normal for an average student. Although we have numerous documented successful deals from our coaching students, we cannot track all of our students’ results, and therefore cannot provide a typical result. You should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in advanced Wholesaling Inc. coaching and training programs. The participants shown are not paid for their stories; however, some of the students depicted may also be a Wholesaling Inc. coach, and our coaches are compensated for their services. We believe in full transparency, so please read our Disclaimers and Terms of Use.