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Property Ownership Map

See owner names and owner type within property boundary lines to quickly pin properties.

Driving Route Tracking

Prevent driving the same street twice, cover an entire area, earn a mileage-based tax deduction, and keep tabs on your team.

Unlimited Owner Lookups

96.5% success rate when looking up owner name and address, plus instant skip trace at your fingers.

DealFinder Recruitment

Launch a dedicated signup page and driver training portal specific to your business.

Bulk Upload

Import data from a spreadsheet, no template required! You can export your data, too.

Real Estate Lead Management

Easily connect DealMachine to your CRM, or stay organized with in-app statuses, notes and @team mentions.

Try DealMachine FREE with Promo Code: TTP

Discover how to use DealMachine to virtually Drive For Dollars and add 30-50 motivated sellers to your list without leaving the house


Discover a property by typing in an address, driving neighborhoods, or “driving” virtually. It works for any house in the USA.


Find the owner and instantly see when they bought it, how much equity they have, the owner’s mailing address, and more.

Talk To People! Press a button and instantly add the property owner and information to your cold calling list.

“I have locked up one deal off the app and have offered on 2-3 other deals. The one deal I got will profit me enough to pay for the app for 2 years!”

Gabe Esparsza

New Western Acquisitions

Try DealMachine FREE with Promo Code: TTP