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Cold Calling Script

Use this proven, 3-page script to find motivated sellers… set better appointments… and do more, BIGGER, and more profitable deals!

What You’ll Learn

EXACTLY what to say on the phone so you can overcome call reluctance and speak with confidence and ease (it’s so simple anyone can learn it almost immediately)

How to open the call and develop INSTANT trust so motivated sellers will open up and tell you about their property, timeline, motivation, and price (the ‘4 Pillars’ of pre-qualifying)

How to handle the 6 “knee-jerk” responses you’ll get (including the ‘YES in disguise’) so you can stay in control of the conversation and decide to dig deeper or move onto the next call


PLUS: how to get deals from people who say NO (this simple tactic has helped me get a ton of deals)… the only time you should drop everything and RACE to the property… and more!

“I perfected this script between 2014 and 2017 after making 1.5 MILLION cold calls! Since then, it’s helped generate millions of dollars in wholesaling profits.

I still use it in my own business, my TTP ‘Cold Calling Mastery’ students use it in theirs, and now you can use it in yours.”

Brent Daniels
The #1 Cold Calling Coach for Real Estate Wholesalers

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