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Discover What I’m Doing To Outsource My Driving For Dollars. I also have David Lecko join me to show you what OTHER wholesalers are doing (David is the owner of ‘DealMachine,’ the #1 Driving For Dollars app).

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Save $9/month after the trial when you use coupon code “TTP”

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Property Ownership Map

See owner names and owner type within property boundary lines to quickly pin properties.

Unlimited Owner Lookups

96.5% success rate when looking up owner name and address, plus instant skip trace at your fingers.

DealFinder Recruitment

Launch a dedicated signup page and driver training portal specific to your business.

Lead Management

Easily connect DealMachine to your CRM, or stay organized with in-app statuses, notes and @team mentions.
“I have locked up one deal off the app and have offered on 2-3 other deals. I only have 200 mailers out and consider the conversion ratio to be very strong. The one deal I got will profit me enough to pay for the app for 2 years!”
Gabe Esparsza

New Western Acquisitions

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