Virtual Driving For Dollars

Discover How to Drive For Dollars Without Leaving Your Home or Office (which means NO money spent on gas, NO wear and tear on your car, and NO limits wholesaling anywhere you want)


A new Chrome extension was recently released that makes virtual driving for dollars even more efficient! Watch the video below to see it in action.

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How To Get Started

Add 30-50 Motivated Sellers To Your Marketing List In The Next 60 Minutes!

Step 1: Watch the Virtual Driving For Dollars Video (Above☝️)

Click HERE to Get the Bonus Download: “How To Spot Distressed Property”

Step 2: Sign Up for 14-day FREE Trial of DealMachine...

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Step 3: Take ACTION and Start Virtually Driving For Dollars!

“This works: I just closed a deal in Houston I got from Driving For Dollars virtually from Mexico!”
Omar Nunez

“AWESOME Brent, I added 4 properties just while watching this!”
Jerry Davis

Property Ownership Map

See owner names and owner type within property boundary lines to quickly pin properties.

Unlimited Owner Lookups

96.5% success rate when looking up owner name and address, plus instant skip trace at your fingers.

DealFinder Recruitment

Launch a dedicated signup page and driver training portal specific to your business.

Lead Management

Easily connect DealMachine to your CRM, or stay organized with in-app statuses, notes and @team mentions.
“I have locked up one deal off the app and have offered on 2-3 other deals. I only have 200 mailers out and consider the conversion ratio to be very strong. The one deal I got will profit me enough to pay for the app for 2 years!”
Gabe Esparsza

New Western Acquisitions

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